We digitize Audio Formats

Originally, some 20 years ago, we were a mastering and recording studio based in the old facilities of Radio Belgium. Many of our team members are audio professionals and recording engineers. We support everything from direct-cut recording discs and vinyls over multi-track recording tapes to DAT and many other tape formats. If you have odd formats which you do not find in the list below, please contact us directly and we are happy to give you a quote for an individual project.

1/4in Open Reel

The gold standard until the 1990's. Speeds generally vary from 2.38 cm/s to 76.2 cm/s. Please let us know in the order notes the speed of the recording.

DAT Tapes

DAT was one of the first mainstream digital recording tape formats. Recording was on 32 kHz at 12 bits, and 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz at 16 bits

Audio Cassette

The Audio compact cassette format was the mainstream format in consumer and even professional environments for decades.

Micro Cassette

Microcassettes was the main formats for dictation systems and some answering machines.

Digital Format and Delivery Options

We deliver in lossless production formats from WAV over BWF as well as options for compressed files like MP3 or OGG. You can chose the right format options for your needs when you order. If you do not find the right format, please contact us and we will try to offer an options or suitable alternative.

The digital master files can be delivered on Flash Drive/HDD, LTO or into Cloud storage buckets (AWS and Azure supported). Please remember that file sizes can be significant. Click the button below to find more about formats and delivery.