How we can help

Our service offering includes a range of audio, video, film and image digitisation and restoration services to support your requirements.
We serve some of the largest Broadcasters in the world to digitize hundreds of thousands of materials and institutions in sports, culture and education,
as well as the National Libraries and National Archives of the biggest and smallest nations. We help our clients from small to huge projects, simple and complex.
The MemnonBox packs our services in the most easy and convenient form. Please contact us if you have a larger project or need specialist services.

Media, Broadcast and Production

Whether news, rushes and clips or full programs, we digitise to your program and production requirements. If you need an large project or SLA based On-Demand service, please contact us.

Sports Clubs and Federations

We have been actually awarded a precious IBC price for a very precious archive project of a sports organisation. Sports content is big in demand with your fans and partners.

Public Archives and

Whether film, video, audio or image materials, we digitise in highest preservation formats also for long term digital preservation.

Education &

From field research recordings over plenary sessions and conference recordings to interviews, preserve your invaluable research data and research history.

Corporate and

We have digitised everything from board meetings, fashion shows, visual art or old advertisements. Some for compliance, others for using in museums and for Brand enhancement.

Private Collections and Galleries

For private collectors or large family archives. We worked for royal institutions, faith organisations and galleries. Digitize and preserve your history in highest quality.

Who we work for

We work for several of the largest broadcasters in the world and serve many precious national archives in Europe and
North America, and cultural, governmental and educational institutions from parliaments over Big 10- and Ivy League-universities to world
leading research organisations in fields like nuclear science or deep sea research, and some of the biggest sport clubs and organisations.

Please click here to visit our Corporate Website for more on our Customers, Case Studies and Customer Stories.

What can we do for you?

Small volume or On-Demand?
Our simple and convenient MemnonBOX

If you have small volumes or just want to do small volumes at once and over time in batches as you need, the MemnonBOX is the perfect solution. Simple and convenient, all inclusive, including delivery methods and media (if selected like HDD or LTOs), including shipping, boxes...all you need.

Or do you want On-Demand for your archive? If you have many tapes or media carriers, but plan to do it over time. We can offer you also a SLA-based framework agreement for MemnonBOX arrangements with a dedicated project manager and agreed turn around time, please contact us.

Large volume or Custom Project, even On-Site?
This is our main business at Memnon.

Our core business is large digitisation and archive projects. We have customers where we digitise millions of carriers on-site for single customers or we ship hundreds of thousand of tapes to our facilities, where we manage everything from boxes, logistics, packing, manifests, physical storage, metadata capture, transcript, logging, transcoding, software based video essence QC...end-to-end turn key services. We operate worldwide with our own facilities in Europe, North America, Middle East and Australia, to onsite projects everywhere from Spain to South Africa.

Please contact us or learn more about us and our services and projects on our Corporate Website.