We digitize Film Formats

Film is the mother of all video formats. Originally dating back to the 19th century, film still continues to play an important role in the motion pictures industry. After decades of decline, many directors have rediscovered film format, and many archive institutions and national archives reconsider film as very long term preservation format which can survive technology change due to its optical nature (you only need light and a magnifier to watch a film).

However, Film is a very difficult format to handle due to its very physical nature, often requiring intensive manual processes from chemical cleaning over splicing and re-splicing, repairs, and other intensive processes. We have extensive experience in handling film as we work with many institutions around the world on very large scale film preservation projects, creating petabyes of data in DPX and other preservation formats.

If your film requires with treatment and repairs, or if you have different film formats like 35mm, sepmag audio and other variations of film, or need preservation formats like DPX or JPEG2000, please contact us directly. 

8mm/Super 8mm Film

Originally developed by Eastman Kodak at the start of the 1930s, the 8mm was widely used in the amateur recording market before video tape camcorders entered the market.

16mm Film

16mm film was and often still is popular with many amateur film makers and even professionals. Originally, it was introduced as the cheaper alternative to the expensive 35mm film.

Please note that if your film smells like vinegar, it has already started to decay significantly and we will not be able to process it. This is called vinegar syndrome and
related to the degradation of the film's chemicals composition. We will also not process nitrate film (which was popular before 1900 up to end 1940's). It is legally restricted to be shipped
without special shipment as it is regarded as explosive and hazardous (ISO 10356:1996). We recommend you contact the National Archive or National Film Institute in your country.

Our BOX Service

Check out our simple BOX service. Digitize your precious archive, legacy content and footage in just three simple steps.

You just select and pack, we do all the rest and provide you with all you need:

Box and Packaging

Receive the boxes and packaging you need. No need to hunt for banana boxes or buy boxes from a moving firm.

Barcodes and Instructions

We provide RFID barcodes for every tape and film you want us to digitize. For Photos, we also provide clean bags.

Shipping included, with Pickup or Drop off

Pre-paid shipping label supplied to send to us. Return shipping is included. We pick up, or just drop off.

Digital Format and Delivery Options

We deliver in most production formats from ProRes over MPEG2 to DNxHD as well as options for low resolution Proxy files. Many of our archival clients also require preservation formats in lossless long term preservation formats. You can chose the right format options for your needs when you order. If you do not find the right format, please contact us and we will try to offer options or suitable alternatives.

The digital master files can be delivered on HDD, LTO or into Cloud storage buckets (AWS and Azure supported). Please remember that file sizes can be significant. Click the button below to find more about formats and delivery.