MemnonBOX: How it works

Digitize your precious archives and legacy footage in just three simple steps. You get everything from us arranged.

You just select and pack, we do all the rest and provide you with all you need:

Box and Packaging

Receive the boxes, tapes and packing you need. During checkout, our system will calculate the amount and type of boxes needed and include return shipping fees.

Barcodes and Instructions

We provide barcodes for every media carrier you want us to digitize. You can track your order status through the entire process. You can also add your metadata based on that.

Shipping included, with Pickup or Drop off

Pre-paid shipping label supplied to send the filled box to us. Return shipping is included as well. We arrange pick up or just drop it off at your next DPD shipping center.

Digitisation & Delivery (incl. Media or Upload cost)

We digitize and process and delivery in your chosen way. Either as Flash Drives/HDD or LTO (and media included) or upload into your cloud bucket. Of course, you will also receive your original carriers back via FedEx.

How long will it take? Can I track the order?

We will usually send you the box and welcome kit the next business day, and you should receive it within 5 business days.

Once you have packed everything into the box, and either requested pick up or dropped it off at a parcel shop, we will receive the box in 2-5 business days.

As soon as the box arrives at our facility, the processing usually takes 2-3 weeks. We will aim to make it faster though. Once your media is processed and depending on the option you select, you will receive either a confirmation of the upload into the cloud or the HDD/LTO media with the return shipment of your original media which will then take another 2-5 business days.

You can trace and track the process through our order status system with your order number and name. You will receive it with your order. All shipments are also sent as Track and Trace. If you need a fast track service, please contact us to receive an individual quote.

All in 3-Easy-Steps


Select and choose your tapes/film/photos

First, select the type and quantity of the tapes, film or media you would like to digitize. We will send you the right size and numbers of boxes, instructions and all you need, including barcodes. You just need to put the barcodes on the media, and pack in the MemnonBOX. All instructions are in the welcome kit.


We provide packing materials, and collect when you are ready

Your MemnonBOX is either collected or you can drop it off at your nearest FedEx shop, whichever way you prefer. Postage and shipping cost is pre-paid. As soon as the MemnonBOX arrives, we will process your order and start digitising. You will be informed through the process.


We digitize and send the digital masters for your new projects

We will send back all your original media formats, and you will receive your new digitized files in the formats you selected. If you chose the physical media delivery via HDD or LTO, these will be sent to you with the return shipment of your originals.

Add your metadata to your files...

We will provide you will pre-printed barcodes for all your media you want us to digitize. This helps us to identify all media carriers and keep track of the entire process and also to ensure that you receive everything back you have sent to us.

In addition, the barcodes are linked to a dedicated online spreadsheet which will be sent to you via email as soon as the welcome kit is on the way to you. You can add your metadata and descriptions on the online spreadsheet like titles or dates or other information while you stick the barcodes on your media.

The spreadsheet information will be converted into XML metadata and delivered as sidecar XML files to your digitised media files. The online spreadsheet and data can be edited until we receive your media.

What do I get back? How do I get my files?

USB3 Flash Drives / HDD

If you choose the USB3 media option, we will deliver on external USB 3 flash drive or hard drives depending on the file sizes. The price of the drives is included and the drives will be shipped with the return of your media.


We support for our On-Demand service LTO7 delivery option. LTO's are LTFS formatted, so that you can also read them in stand-alone LTO drives. LTO media price is included.


If you want the files online, we offer an upload into AWS S3 buckets or Microsoft Azure. Your selected datacenter zone needs to be in the US. Note that the S3 or Azure buckets need to be provided by you.

Your Original Media

And of course, you will receive your original media back.

Common Questions and Help Center

Do you have more questions? We have collected common questions in a searchable database. Please go to our Help Center area and check out our Common Questions page or please feel free contact us through the Live Chat or email us directly.