We digitize Photo Formats

Digitization of photos is a time consuming process. We offer the high resolution digitization of photos and photographic formats in archival standards as uncompressed TIFF or JPEG. As part of MemnonBOX service, you can choose photographic prints, slides and negatives to be digitized. These will be processed in groups of 20 for which we provide clean Zip it-bags.

If you require digitization of larger prints like Posters or other Transparents (incl Glass Plates), please contact us to explore how we can help. These formats are not suitable to be transported in our MemnonBOX and would require custom projects.


We support Standard slides including 35mm, 126 and 110 slides in a 2x2" plastic or cardboard mounts.


We digitize 35mm negatives. If you have Microfilm, please contact us.

Photo Prints

Photographic prints can be digitized with MemnonBOX up to A4 size. For larger formats, please contact us.

Our BOX Service

Check out our simple BOX service. Digitize your precious archive, legacy content and footage in just three simple steps.

You just select and pack, we do all the rest and provide you with all you need:

Box and Packaging

Receive the boxes and packaging you need. No need to hunt for banana boxes or buy boxes from a moving firm.

Barcodes and Instructions

We provide RFID barcodes for every tape and film you want us to digitize. For Photos, we also provide clean bags.

Shipping included, with Pickup or Drop off

Pre-paid shipping label supplied to send to us. Return shipping is included. We pick up, or just drop off.

Digital Format and Delivery Options

We deliver in most production formats from ProRes over MPEG2 to DNxHD as well as options for low resolution Proxy files. Many of our archival clients also require preservation formats in lossless long term preservation formats. You can chose the right format options for your needs when you order. If you do not find the right format, please contact us and we will try to offer an options or suitable alternative.

The digital master files can be delivered on HDD, LTO or into Cloud storage buckets (AWS and Azrue supported). Please remember that file sizes can be significant. Click the button below to find more about formats and delivery.