Returns and Exchange

MemnonBOX is an individual custom service for your media and formats, as well as your choices. The service is for professional media formats, and for professional and business customers (B2B sales). As such the services are provided on our MemnonBOX terms and conditions. However, we offer a Returns and Exchange Policy.

Privacy Policy

We only collect data as needed to provide you the services. Our data privacy policy explains and discloses what, how and why we collect, as well as your rights and choices when it comes to these details.

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are published here. All MemnonBOX digitisation services offered are subject to these terms and conditions.

Return and Exchange Policy

Cancellation of Order

As B2B service, the services are provided on the basis of our Terms and Conditions.

We offer you a cooling off period to cancel your order any time within 7 days without any reasons.

There will be two cases:

1) In case the welcome package and box has already been sent out to you out to you already, the items have to be returned in original condition and unused, or alternatively we will deduct EUR 25.00 (twenty five Euro) from the refund. The refund will be issues as soon as we either receive the package back and confirmed its condition, or you instruct us to deduct the amount from the refundable amount.

2) If it has the welcome package and box has not been shipped out yet, we will refund you the full ordered amount.

You can see in your order status any time in which state your order is, and if either 1 or 2 is applicable on the time of your cancellation.

A cancellation after the cooling off period will not be possible as this service is custom to your media and your format options.


As B2B service, the services are provided on the basis of our Terms and Conditions.

After the cooling off period for cancellation, the MemnonBOX services are excluded from return. The services are provided very individual and custom to your media which you ship to u, and your customisation options you select in the order.

Exchange or Change Order

As B2B service, the services are provided on the basis of our Terms and Conditions.

We offer exchange, if you have...

1) ordered the wrong size of box or if you need more boxes,

2) ordered wrong type of box,

3) Or if you would like to change the options you selected.

The exchange is only possible before you send us back the filled box. So, if you receive the boxes and welcome kit from us, and if you discover during packing and preparing you media that you order the wrong size of box (as example you need M instead of S size) or wrong type of box (as example you order for SD Video content, but actually it was for HD video content), you can contact us any time before sending us the filled boxes back.

Our services team will offer you options or alternatives, or help you to either change or amend your order.
Please contact us if you need to change or amend you order.