What you will get

We digitize and process your media in our digitization factory were we handle all types of media for our B2B customers from Broadcast and Media, Sports, National Archives and Libraries, Universities and Research Institutions, Governments as well as Art and Galleries.

You can choose for the On-Demand digitization service a variety of digital delivery methods for your digitized master files and choose between different file format options. If you don't find your format or if you have larger volumes and look plan for a bespoke project, please contact our team. We are happy to help as our main business is very large scale digitisation and migration projects.

What file formats do you offer?

Video/Film - Production Master Formats

Production Master Formats are high quality files in compressed format for Production and Production Environment use. We can provide formats which are suitable for the main editing systems (Apple Final Cut, Adobe Premier, Avid Media Composer) and widely supported in digital workflow environments. Film in the MemnonBOX service will always be digitised in HD format only. If you require other formats or resolution or more details, please contact our help.

Production Master:

Format Specifications


For SD: MPEG2 IMX D-10 with 30 or 50 Mbps Bitrate
For HD: MPEG2 XDCam HD with 50 Mbps Bitrate

ProRes 422

For SD: ProRes 422 Format in Normal at 47 Mbps
For HD: ProRes 422 Format in Normal at 147 Mbps


For HD: DNxHD 80-100 (depending on Framerate) 4.2.2. 8bit


For HD: AVC Intro 100 4.2.2. 10 bit at 100 Mbps


For SD: DV 4.1.1. with 25 Mbps

MPEG4 H.264

For SD: MPEG4 H.264 4.2.0. 10 Mbps
For HD: MPEG4 H.264 4.2.0. 20 Mbps

Video/Film - Preservation Formats

Preservation Formats are long term preservation formats. Generally for Archival purposes and institutions or organisations who need to keep the digital formats as digital master versions for long term future preservation and this often as either uncompressed or in an open source format. This is optional if your organisation requires such formats.

Please note that the Preservation Master Formats are very large files. We only recommend LTO Delivery option due to the size of the data. If cloud option is required the data will be transfer only using storage appliances service of the providers (i.e. Amazon Snowball or Azure Data Box).

Preservation Master:

Format Specification

Uncompressed MOV

Uncompressed AVI. Between 200 and 800 Mbps. Not available for Film.

FFV1 Matroska

FFV1 is a lossless compression open source format


JPEG2000 will be provided in a lossless compression format.


DPX uncompressed in 16 bit lin.

Video/Film - Proxy Formats

Proxy Formats are lower resolution copies used for previews and easier handling. These files are often used for browsing content and for online viewing with lower bandwidth and heavily compressed.

Proxy Formats:

Format Specification

MPEG4 H.264

For SD: MPEG4 H.264 1 Mbps
For HD: MPEG4 H.264 5 Mbps

Audio - Formats

WAV/BWF files are uncompressed wave formats used in most broadcast and preservation environments. MP3 and OGG Vorbis are compressed audio formats which offer different compression efficiencies.  

Proxy Formats:

Format Specification


Transfer at 96 kHz, 24 bit Audio bit depth, PCM


Transfer at 48 kHz with compression bandwidth at 384 kbit/s

OGG Vorbis

Transfer at 48 kHz with compression bandwidth at 128 kbit/s

Add your metadata to your files...

We will provide you with pre-printed barcodes for all your media you ordered for digitization. This helps us to identify all media carriers and keep track of the entire process and also to ensure you receive everything back which you have sent to us.

In addition, the barcodes are linked to a dedicated online spreadsheet for your project which will be sent to you via email as soon as the welcome kit is sent out to you. You can add your metadata and descriptions on the online spreadsheet like titles or dates or other information while you stick the barcodes on your media.

The spreadsheet information will be converted into XML metadata and delivered as sidecar XML files with your digitised media files. The online spreadsheet and data can be edited until we receive your media.

And we image your tape/cover label...

Often the only metadata and information our customers have is the label on the cover or the tape itself. We include in our process the imaging of either one tape cover or label as part of the process and include it the delivery dataset for your reference. If you require the imaging of other additional documents in the tape (like log-sheets etc.) please contact our team for a individual quote and project specification.

The imaging will provided as JPEG (ca. 150 dpi +/-10%) and provided in the same filename as the digitised masterfile as part of the sidecar deliverable.


How do I get my files?

USB3 Flash/Hard Drives

If you choose the USB 3 Flash/HDD option, we will deliver on external USB 3.0 flash drive or hard drives (depending on file sizes). The price of the media is included and the drives will be shipped with the return of your media.


We support LTO7 delivery option. The LTO's are LTFS formatted that you can also read them in stand-along LTO drives. MTO media price and the LTO media will be shipped with the return of your media.


If you want the files online, we offer an upload into AWS S3 buckets or Google Cloud Storage. The storage buckets need to be provided by you and your datacenter zone needs to be in the US. Generally, we upload using appliances, which takes ca. 1-2 weeks.

Common Questions and Help Center

Do you have more questions? We have collected common questions in a searchable database. Please go to our Help Center area and check out our Common Questions page or please feel free contact us through the Live Chat or email us directly.