D2 Format - Small Size

D2 Format - Small Size

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D2 is a digital videotape cassette format, which records an uncompressed composite video signal on 3/4" tape. Mainly used in Broadcast and Entertainment, D2 cassettes come in three different sizes, generally marked as D2 in the upper-right corner.

Sizes are: Small (L: 7.7" x H: 5.1"), Medium (L: 11.2" x H: 6.9"), Large (L:16.9" x 11.2")


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We support the full range of BetaCam Family. From Analog BetaCam, BetaCam SP, BetaCam SX, Digital Betacam to IMX.


We support all DVCPro formats. DVCPro Standard has a yellow top lid while DVCPro 50 a blue. If you need HD (red), please see the Tab "HD Tape Formats".

DV/DVCam Family

We support all DV / DVCam formats. This includes DV and MiniDV. For HDV, please see the HD Formats.

VHS Family

The VHS family support includes S-VHS as well as VHS-C.

U-matic Family

We offer support for Hi-Band (BVU) and Lo-Band U-matics.


We support BetaMax format. If you have BetaMax recordings for Hi End Audio, please contact us directly.

8mm Video Family

We support 8mm video tape formats for Analogue 8mm (Video8), Hi8 and Digital8.


We support XDCam format for SD. HD is support in the HD format package (please see the Tab "HD Tape Formats").

1in B/C Format

The MemnonBOX supports 1inch B format (Bosch) and 1inch C format (Ampex, Sony).

D2 Format

If you have D2 format, both are supported by the MemnonBOX for Special Tape formats.

D3 Format

If you have D5 format, they are supported by the MemnonBOX for Special Tape formats.

HDCAM Standard

The HDCam format was a popular HD format based on the BetaCam design. For the highest quality HDCam SR version, please contact us.


DVCPro HD was the HD version of DVCPro with 100 Mbps. However, the digital format did not store true HD and was downsampled on the horizontal resolution during recording.


HDV is based on DV format and has heavily compressed MPEG2 8-bit 4.2.0 recording.


XDCam HD stored MPEG based video files in 8-bit with color sampling in 4:2:0 or 4:2:2.

1/4in Open Reel

The gold standard until the 1990's. Speeds generally vary from 2.38 cm/s to 76.2 cm/s. Please let us know in the order notes the speed of the recording.

DAT Tapes

DAT was one of the first mainstream digital recording tape formats. Recording was on 32 kHz at 12 bits, and 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz at 16 bits

Audio Cassette

The Audio compact cassette format was the mainstream format in consumer and even professional environments for decades.

Micro Cassette

Microcassettes was the main formats for dictation systems and some answering machines.

8mm/Super 8mm Film

Originally developed by Eastman Kodak at the start of the 1930s, the 8mm was widely used in the amateur recording market before video tape camcorders entered the market.

16mm Film

16mm film was and often still is popular with many amateur film makers and even professionals. Originally, it was introduced as the cheaper alternative to the expensive 35mm film.

35mm Film

35mm is the dominant film standard in the motion pictures industry. It dates back to the work of Thomas Edison.

Other Film Services

Film is a difficult format which requires in many cases custom assessment and adapted offers. If you need splicing, repair, cleaning etc. and other film services, please contact us for a quote.

Digital Format and Delivery Options

We deliver in most production formats from ProRes over MPEG2 to DNxHD as well as options for low resolution Proxy files. Many of our archival clients also require preservation formats in lossless long term preservation formats. You can chose the right format options for your needs when you order. If you do not find the right format, please contact us and we will try to offer an options or suitable alternative.

The digital master files can be delivered on Flash Drive/HDD, LTO or into Cloud storage buckets (AWS and Azrue supported). Please remember that file sizes can be significant. Click the button below to find more about formats and delivery.